Diamonds and PPEs


Ever since the pandemic started, Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) have started to make waves beyond the medical scene. It has been worn by frontliners in non-medical fields, as well as family members who need to go out of their homes to do errands. 

Have ever thought that PPEs can get fashionable? Thanks to brands like Ropa Fina PH for creating PPEs that ensures its function without compromising style. It PPEs need not sacrifice your OOTD when you pair it with the right fashion pieces, most especially with sustainable diamond fine jewelry to complete your entire look, adding sparkle and subtle sophistication to your everyday.

Here are some looks you can pair your Diamonds and PPEs.


 Weekday Workday

Jacket up and let's get the work done! Pair a dress coat PPE with your everyday work outfit and dazzle up with everyday sustainable diamonds to make it a glam look!

Overalls and neutrals equates to classic and subtle sophistication. Give sparkle to the monochrome tones with your sustainable diamond staples.


Weekend Wanderer

The weekend is meant for us to enjoy all our hard work over the week! Channel your K-Pop star aspirations with pops of color in your wardrobe. Have courage to mix and match various bright colors and the confidence level will never be the same. Dazzle it up with hip everyday diamond pieces to unleash the unnie in you. 


Weekends are meant for making time for ourselves, and that includes engaging in physical activities. Jacket up in your favorite color to stay protected and complete your look with your capsule diamond jewelry pieces to ensure you look on point no matter what activity you're engaged in.